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2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast

Jun 17, 2020

So before we even dive into the Earth shattering Insecure Season 4 finale, we of course have to address the announcement of Matt James as the new Bachelor. We have MANY thoughts, feelings, and suspicions about this momentous announcement that now just feels uncomfortable, convenient, and HIGH KEY annoying.... Man,...

Jun 10, 2020

First off: welcome to all of our new followers, listeners, and patrons! It’s been a ROUGH week, but we’re excited that we have so many people hearing our voices and joining our community. 
This episode is a nice thicc one: we talk about our thoughts on the “black square” post in #BachelorNation, the...

Jun 5, 2020

Y'all already know what it is...


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Jun 3, 2020

Welp, we've finally gotten down to why Issa said "I don't fuck with Molly anymore!" So sad and hard to watch a best friendship going THROUGH IT! Thank God for Kelly and her ridiculous "Southeast Central London" accent to bring some laughs... In this episode, we recap episodes 4-6 of Insecure Season 4! We breakdown where...