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2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast

Jan 24, 2018

We discuss the juiciest, ripest episode of this season so far! We stan for Seinne, learn more about what Arie actually wants from a woman, dish about our early twenties and why we both could never be Bekah M. 
We also discuss: 
-Seinne's one on one date! 
-WHO is Lauren B? 
-Kendall's got a brand new bag

Jan 17, 2018

We’re at episode 3 of Arie’s “journey for love” and oh my god was it so boring! We got 2 group dates, a dreadful one-on-one, and a whole lot of makeout sessions with very little conversation, leaving us still wondering who the hell is Arie?!


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Old lady wrestling

Jan 10, 2018

Arie finally goes on some dates! Two girls get one-on-ones, FIFTEEN girls get a group date--if you can still call it that--and there's an epic cocktail party showdown!

In this episode, we discuss: 

-Becca K's lavish date 

-Krystal's early hometown?!

-Demolition Derby 

-Bekah's nipples

-and of course, ALL the...

Jan 3, 2018

Janu-Arie has arrived! The moment we've all been waiting for...some dude named Arie is allegedly looking for a wife among a gaggle of dope ass women. There are (a shamefully historic) 7 black women and we are HELLA excited!

In this episode, we discuss:

- Our confusion YET AGAIN over who the hell Arie is

- The good,...