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2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

Welp, we all knew this trifling ass ending was coming...


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Shoutout to the newest member of our team Jodie

Aug 19, 2020

FINALLY, we're at the very end of Jason's season! We watch Jason one of the biggest mistakes in Bachelor History--starting a trend with Bachelors following--and creating the signature "Mesnick". We learn that Molly has the intuition of Ms. Cleo, and Ty meets both his future step-mommies. 



Aug 12, 2020

Hey Everybody! We're back with ALL of our thoughts about the most recent Bachelor Nation News: the blackest TAKEOVER Bachelor Nation has ever experienced. As two black-ass voices in this space, couldn't be happier that The Bachelor franchise has finally opened up to telling more diverse love stories.

We talk about: 


Aug 12, 2020

We gotta be honest; we really feel like we ain't watching The Bachelor. Some show about an ACTUAL love story with women who really want to be with the man in question, and have no chance of a lucrative social media career after elimination!? Never heard of it. (No hate here y'all. Cash them IG checks ladies!) 


Aug 5, 2020

Yeah it was Jason's hometown or whatevah...BUT BLACK. IS. KING. Tayshia is The Bachelorette. Clare done ran off with a black man. We're in a rare but beautiful state of bliss in #BachelorNation finally, as they really are getting the *diversity they asked for.

The beginning of the Bachelor Nation News we talk a bit...